forex analysis

still confuse leaning Forex? you should to know this : Type of Forex Analysis

still, confuse learning Forex? you should know this: Type of Forex Analysis

forex analysis

it doesn’t feel we’ve started to enter the discussion intermediate levels. after before we discussed much more about Basic of Forex, now we started to seriously to learn this session. be ready .. to understanding Forex Analysis

There are two important things that you need to make a note about the type forex analysis, i.e. the technical analysis and fundamental analysis. this 2 forex analysis is important and is inseparable from the world of trading.

Let us refer and Peel one by one for about this forex analysis types.

1. Technical forex analysis

Let’s start with the assumption underlying the technical analysis. In this case, I would take an extreme approach so that you can understand how a technical analysis used in obtaining the gain in forex trading. Of course, in practice, it is not so. You can combine both forex analysis (fundamental and technical) in order to obtain a trading system that is best for you.

The chartist (parties who perform technical analysis) believe that they can figure out the patterns of price movement rate at a future date with based on the observations of the movements of the exchange rate in the past. “History always repeats itself.” This philosophy is, of course, contrary to the fundamentalists in which investment decisions over the value of a currency is based on the fundamental factors for economic, political and monetary is concerned.
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2. Fundamental forex analysis

You ever try playing with pure technical forex analysis would certainly know that at certain hours and usually in the evening technical analysis often does not function properly. When all indicators are supporting that prices will move up but the fact that all of a sudden the price down dramatically without any reason whatsoever.

In the first few months, I Learn forex trading this is often times I experienced. At certain hours it looks like prices are not following the laws of technical forex analysis and tend to move away in the absence of clarity. After studying for so long I finally understand that turns these factors exist at named the psychology of the market or market sentiment or whatever his name but who called clearly influenced by news and rumors circulating in the market. so, is it Fundamental forex analysis is worth ??

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