how to trade forex

How to trade forex ? How To Learn Forex And To Master Forex Trading ?

How to trade forex ? How To Learn Forex And To Master Forex Trading ?

learn forex

So, How to trade Forex ?

Forex is indeed far-flung, and even a skilled trader no matter definitely still continue to learn. For beginners, here are the easy steps how to trade forex trading.

Step 1: overview?
Are you at all do not know about forex? Wait, just at a glance, it is worth paying attention to the following articles.


Step 2: what makes people turn to Forex?
Clear profit/money. Many are dreaming of big profits from small capital with forex trading. This is actually incorrect, because forex profit potential is great also carries with it major risks as well. However, there are other factors, i.e. factors of flexibility in time, capital, as well as ease the needed device, making forex a growing interest.


Step 3: the facts on the ground: high risk
Because you stripped, then with high spirits want to immediately plunge in forex. But, wait a minute, according to the report the statistics, only 10% just can reply so rich, the rest fail (up and down, even with the bankrupt). Therefore, Learn forex trading can not be done in a day, but rather need to be pursued gradually. Read the article below.
Read: The Risks Of Forex Trading


Step 4: consider
Between rich potential (step 2) and the fact that it’s a high-risk forex (step 3) consider first. Do not force, and look into your personal model/type. Did I model the person could receive forex trading like this.


If you think learning forex trading used to be, try, decide ‘, then continue to the next step.
If you do not fit in with their risks, then close this page.
If you are challenged and interested in forex, then make sure that you seriously seriously seriously Learn forex trading, why? Beware of the risk factors listed above could make you get into the 90% who fail. Do not let this happen to you.
Step 5: you want to be a successful Forex Trader
So now, start to learn, learn, learn, and practice.
Here’s how:
  • Read all the articles in this sub learn Forex Trading
  • Read all the articles on Forex Course sub
  • Special sub ‘ FOREX COURSE material is arranged with a structured and hierarchical levels (Basic, intermediate, Expert and so on) so it is easier to follow.
  • Some articles are very long in 1 page, such as the page you‘re reading right now. For it if You don’t enforce already tired, you can bookmark this page first and visit again tomorrow when you have refreshed again.
Learning materials the next forex trading if you need to read is: introducing of forex, technical analysis, and Fundamental analysis. Of course the topic of this material is not binding, you are free to explore the other. But at least in the early stages You have to understand these things.
If you want to ask or answer related consulting Learn forex trading, you could use the facilities for free at FAQ on the FAQ Section.


Step 6: you have to know Basic Forex analysis
Up to this stage you should have reflected how roughly how to grab profit on forex, forex analytical science. The primary science that is Fundamental and technical analysis. If your understanding about 40-50% of proceeds read/learn before, then continue to the next step. If not, expand Your forex trading learning time and understand a lot more.


Step 7: Learn forex trading with a demo account
Read the title properly: study and practice. After you understand the basics of forex, you still need to practice, that is to say there is no money here.
Here’s how:
Read and follow the instructions on the sub article Practice Demo account ‘.
With this facility, use the metatrader + demo account to accelerate the process of understanding and learning you will be fundamental and technical analysis.
At the same time, the important things you need to know is about the metatrader application. Read, understand, and Ahold. About metatrader can be seen in the sub topic learn metatrader.


Step 8: knowing the source and reference material Learn forex trading
From the above analysis of learning, now surely you would need a source that can be used as a reference. Here below are some sites/sources that are pretty interesting.
Learning Forex Link English –
Forex News English –,,
Portal Forex English –,
Monitoring English –
Forex Forums English –

how to trade forex

Step 9: how to Exercise Your Demo account Results?
Of course now you can measure and see your personal trading performance through the demo account. Well, how‘s it going?  until now You‘ve been road/exercise how many months? how about the profit, is a good enough? Consistent? From those experiences, I’ve mostly tuh demo money vanish on him, the other, up and down, giddy.


Recommendations: good, so You know that forex is hard. The failure was unusual. So, continue anyway Learn forex trading and your workout.


Step 10: important points, Trading psychology
If you manage to master yourself and your trading without emotions, then you can master the forex. But if still often dragged down emotions, angry because the loss continues when happened to be greedy, profit, then you will be difficult to develop. So now try searching for articles on the psychology of trading.


Step 11: important points, Money Management
Learn forex trading closely to do with psychology. In the trading psychology there are things about the emotion of greed, revenge, etc. Chaotic psychology team so will definitely be rifling through Your funding arrangements, which led to resilience capital trading up and confused. So now the search articles about money management and risk management, and remember this is very-very important.


Step 12: important points, Trading Forex = Business
In business, there’s a rises there is down, it needs maintenance, development, innovation, evaluation, and pembangungan continuously. This is similar to forex trading. Than you are pursuing successful traders stamp ‘, what if see forex trading as travel from step to step where you continue to experience increased knowledge and profit. So, step your trip the more steady and consistent.


Step 13: the secret of the private Trading System
Until in step 13 on the stages of learning forex trading, you have to know the most basic of ways, analysis, strategy, etc. So now make your own trading system. This trading system is a unique trading system fitting for you own. Certainly in the making You can read here and there, could combine here and there. But remember, that is required is a trading system that suits you. How the logic of Your analysis, your emotions, Your Psychology, your time, etc.


Step 14: My demo account performance is lousy.
Easy, relaxed !
Try closing it first of all, just relax, and refreshing. If the head and suffocating emotions, then the result will not do any good. Refreshing and replace much of the atmosphere of the once upon a time point.


Step 15: Trading System Creation Process.
is it again? Yes. .. because trading is still lousy. So, you need to read a lot of articles in the forex Check out materials Learn forex trading that are not yet understood. If still confused, you need googling articles on the internet. Find a friend create a question and answer forum forex is also one of the means.
The Bottom Line: Increased Knowledge + Self-control + Exercise = > Intensive Creation Of Trading Systems
Where is the core of the above should run together.


Step 16: Wow, this month 6-12 my demo account profit and consistent
Well, surprise, good luck …. But not the sort You‘ve been so successful traders. You wrote a judge himself.
But if the cast had evidence of 12 months of good results, there is no more reason to hold you to plunge into the world of forex trading real.


Step 17: you are trading on a real account now.
A few important points here:
demo account is not at risk, but the real money in your account You can absolutely lost. So there will be a psychological effect that could mess up. It is obvious now you feel more emotionally, fear, etc. This can make you not follow the original trading system you have created. Watch out for this and prepare mentally.
• you need to learn about forex broker, but if that it’s relatively easy, only how to choose a forex broker is good, and right for you. Can be read in this section.


Step 18 s/d Unlimited: thanks, and it is up to you.
It is extremely difficult to describe in a sequence if you have in the phases of mastering/mastering trading. To follow the steps of learning forex trading above the well and sort, and even then rarely people who want to take the time. That you‘ve managed to get here, it shows the determination of higher than others. So how? Maybe this time you have more masters from us; This could be, why not? So You better know your next step which is definitely more suitable for you personally.
end of words, this is the step by step How to Trade Forex

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