forex trading sessions

London Forex Trading Sessions

And now, What is London Forex Trading Sessions

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forex trading sessions

London Forex Trading Sessions

While the Asian market participants started to deal with their stuff and the CAP, the European market just started their activity. Although there are several financial centres in Europe, but the views of market participants will be fixed on London.

According to history, London has long been a center of trade in Europe. All thanks to the strategic location. So, it is not surprising if the country still maintain the system of monarchy is considered the capital of Forex in the world, with thousands of businesses making transactions every minute of it. Alleged 30% of all Forex transactions occur at the London Forex Trading Sessions.

Here are the facts about the London Forex Trading Sessions:

Because the London Forex Trading Sessions across two other major Forex Trading Sessions, plus the fact that London is a major financial centre in the world, many large-scale Forex transactions occur at this session. Resulting in high liquidity and low transaction costs (especially the pip spread).
A large number of transactions at this session also put London as the most volatile Forex Trading Sessions.
Most of the trend began at the London Forex Trading Sessions, and they will generally continue until the New York session.
The volatility of the London Forex Trading Sessions tend to end up in the middle of the session, as traders chose to fill the abdomen and collecting power, New York before the session begins.
At the end of the session in London, many European traders are locking in their profits and cause a trend sometimes turns.

The Pair Traded In Nice Where Session London?
The magnitude of the volume of transactions that occur on the London Forex Trading Sessions, resulting in a large number of liquidity during the European Forex Trading Sessions, so that we can use any pair. But to be safe, it is better we use pair-pair mayor: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, and USD/CHF. Because only the pair that has spread most stringent. And only those who will be directly affected by any news that appears in the European Forex Trading Sessions.

Or, if you want a little variety, we can use the Yen Japan and “gave him” with European currencies (for example the EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY), because the currency is quite volatile at this session. But the disadvantage is, since we’re using cross pairs, spread that appears to be quite wide. Check another Forex Trading Sessions here

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