Forex Trading introduce

Forex trading is an abbreviation of “Foreign Exhange Trading” or we know as FOREX (FX).


ok well, i think that you has know what is forex trading, then we will talk further. Bro, if we’re talking FOREX (FX) that’s mean we’re talking about the value of one currency against other currency. in other word, this currencies are compared in value against other currencies. The difference value of both currencies that we refer to “Exchange” or “Rate” yes here it is forex trading

forex trading

We take the example closest to our daily lives, namely American dollar (USD) currency: Euro (EUR). Comparison of value of USD with EUR that is what we are familiar with the “exchange rate of the dollar against the Euro”. If we look at the banks or money changers, or if we also observe the development of the forex trading at the television or the newspaper, the exchange rate of the dollar against the Euro is often rendered with an exchange rate of USD/EUR.

Maybe you’ve exchanged Your Euro (EUR) to the American dollar (USD). On another occasion, perhaps you’ve exchanged with USD EUR (euro). Well, at that point You’re actually involved in the money market. The action “swap” EUR to USD is the forex trading transactions! When you “swap” EUR to USD You, basically you’re selling Your EUR and at the same time: buy USD.

You can do this kind of transactions through a bank or money changer. You can just come to the bank or money changer and then perform a transaction currency. Or you can just call the treasury officer in banks your trust to carry out the transaction. We call it the way a transaction like this as the way conventional transactions. As the development of technology, we can now do a similar transaction online. We do not need to be everywhere again to conduct forex transactions. An awful lot of forex trading brokers that facilitate online forex trading. Enough of the home, which is important there is a computer and a connection to the internet. Accompanied by a cup of coffee or hot tea, you could be trading from your sofa or chairs are padded. But there is little difference between forex trading through online brokers with foreign currency transactions which might be wont to do the majority of our society is in a bank or money changer. Almost all online forex brokers facilitate forex transactions with the system of contracts and the margin (margin).

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